Housing Net Zero

Our main direction is to get information to the business, academic and personal groups that will allow them to take part in bringing domestic housing to the lowest possible Green House Gasses emissions by 2050.  

We are quite aware that this is possible but this is difficult to do by simply reading a website. 

We provide  lectures to describe to many just how  to understand the process .

Please be in contact with us and if you need anything explained.  We will be willing to provide: 

  1. Lectures
  2. Brief documents
  3. Viewpoints as seen by many different groups
  4. Information to the media
  5. Academic interactions
  6. Interaction with Government and Treasury
  7. We are not ready yet to deal directly with the wider people

Almost all  of the information for retrofitting is already well known from books, and official sites.  Retrofitters are not always aware of any regulations or standards locally.  The items for use like heat recovery systems are already present from throughout the world to prices have dropped and the competition is fierce. 

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